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Our regional selection

Starter, main course and dessert 38 euros

Entrance 16 euros | Dish 18 euros | Dessert 9 euros


Duck foie gras terrine, poached in armagnac with sweet flavors

Lau-Balagnas smoked trout chiffonade with cocktail sauce

Bigorre black pork ham

Goat salad
Roasted organic bread from Saligos with warm goat cheese, apple, tomato, a little honey

Bigourdane slate
Black pudding and apple cake, mountain charcuterie,
green salad with pine nuts, cheese cubes from our region.


Lamb chops
Grilled Toy Country with garlic cream, white bean stew and black pork belly.

Duck breast
grilled Southwestern sauce, blueberry sauce, shallot and honey, tender potatoes with onions

Salmon trout fillet
baked in lemon butter, cod piquillos, saffron rice

Confit duck leg,
homemade French fries


Creamy chocolate shortbread,
hot chocolate, salted butter caramel ice cream

Blueberry sabayon

Apple and Armagnac pie with bourbon vanilla ice cream

Traditional milk eggs with caramel

Fresh pineapple carpaccio with orange sorbet

The blueberry melba ice cream cup

The cheese plate:
Mixed, Basque blue cheese, sheep, cherry sorbet


Old plum with apricot sorbet


Homemade Génépi lemon sorbet

Gourmet specialities of La Grange

The medallion of free-range veal,
escalope of fresh duck liver with cognac cream, melting potatoes and onions € 26

Gambas flambéed with armagnac, cream, garlic, parsley, saffron rice 24 €

On order the day before for the next day

The delight of sweetbreads with porcini mushrooms with Madeira sauce 29 €

The full garbure

(minimum 2 people)

The traditional soup served with duck confit, pork knuckle,
vegetables from the kitchen garden, Tarbais beans, small stuffed cabbage, ravigote sauce … € 19 per person

Marmottons Menu
children under 12 years old

€ 12.50

Rosette plate

Beef grilling


Smoked trout chiffonade

The dishes are served with homemade fries or buttery pasta.

Ice cream cup (2 scoops)

Strawberry vanilla or chocolate vanilla